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Damien Katsirubas was born and raised in Northern Virginia. He graduated from McLean High School in 2007 and went on to earn both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Economics from George Mason University.


At George Mason, he developed an appreciation for individual liberty and was exposed to the teachings of world-renowned economists such as Milton Friedman, Fredrick Hayak, and Thomas Sowell. He has always been passionate about community outreach and is eager to devote his time and attention toward bettering the Sterling district.

Damien aspires to see that the opportunities he has been granted to seek a higher education and a meaningful lifestyle will be afforded to the youth and future generations of Sterling and Loudoun county. With your support we can ensure that Sterling and Loudoun County as a whole provide a safe, beautiful haven in which people from all walks of life can raise their children to be afforded the opportunity of living with true liberty.

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